mailboxes.db backend comparison

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon May 22 18:28:42 EDT 2006

On Mon, 22 May 2006, Patrick Radtke wrote:

> haha, yup:) I should have been clearer.
> I want to know the diff speed, not the rebuild speed.
> So how long does ctl_mboxlist -mw take to run when the mupdate master is in 
> sync with the backend.
> For example,
> with backend and murder master in sync, ctl_mboxlist takes 16 seconds to run 
> here.
> If I'm rebuilding the murder master db from scratch then it takes 2+ hours.
> We have 782443 mailboxes, divided up across a bunch of backends.
> I would like the speed of berkley, but I don't trust it to be stable.

For a berkeley backend on the mupdate master:

cyrus at mail1:~$ time /usr/local/cyrus/bin/ctl_mboxlist -mw

real    0m5.268s
user    0m1.404s
sys     0m2.556s

For a skiplist backend:

cyrus at mail1:~$ time /usr/local/cyrus/bin/ctl_mboxlist -mw

real    0m4.575s
user    0m1.384s
sys     0m2.576s

Still, since skiplist takes so long to populate initially, a failure of 
the mupdate master can have a pretty large effect on service.


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