2.2 murder backend authentication problems

Michael Leupold leupold at leunet.de
Thu May 18 17:32:16 EDT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2006 21:26 schrieb Andrew Morgan:
> On Thu, 18 May 2006, Brenden Conte wrote:
> > True, and i perhaps used a bad example - this occurs anytime i try to
> > connect to the backend, not just on CREATE.  for example, i can
> > successfully, log in with a valid account, but if i try to `SELECT
> > INBOX`, I get the same error.
> I don't know enough about the sasl authentication details to debug your
> problem directly, but here are the relevant parts of my frontend and
> backend configs for comparison.

Your config looks pretty much like mine. I'm using PLAIN+TLS with an ldap 
backend. However this may be due to some sasl-subtleties used (and not 
understood). The part I don't understand is that my client outputs it isn't 
able to authenticate because it found "no worthy mechs". Testing connections 
with imtest -t "" gives me an "AUTH=PLAIN" though.
Do you know of any way to get more debug output from either cyrus or sasl?


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