Replication question

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu May 18 01:41:19 EDT 2006

> On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 03:40:17PM -0400, Patrick Radtke wrote:
>> when we switch we comment out the sync_server line on the replica to
>> make sure it won't listen.
> We have a "as master" config and an "as slave" config - and switch them
> via symlinks.  Similar basic concept though - or at least it will be
> once everything is actually running...
>> When it comes to get the master up to speed, then we reverse the roles.
> Yep - that's the idea.  Replicate everything back then switch roles
> again.  I'm going to be interested to see how fast we can effect the
> switchover.  Certainly users will lose their connections.
> We also have an IP address which migrates with the 'master' status -
> such that the init script that brings up the master IP address also sets
> the correct symlinks to ensure that the server is running in master
> mode.  The replication is done to another IP address again - and the
> init script that brings up that IP also ensures that the server is
> running in replica mode.  So nothing can replicate unless one server is
> in master mode and the other in replica mode - the IP addresses ensure
> it.  This has the other very nice advantage that the configuration files
> are _identical_ on the two servers, since we don't have to specify a
> different replication target.

Sounds interesting, would be nice if you could make your scripts and
configs available as samples for others.


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