listmailbox problem

patrick gibblertron at
Tue May 16 20:29:53 EDT 2006

I have a Cyrus 2.2.12 server, and I'm having trouble getting the
listmailbox command to return me what I want.

The notable parts of my configuration are:

unixhierarchysep: yes
virtdomains: yes

In the examples from the O'Reilly book on Cyrus
(, they have:

> You can list all the users on the system by listing their top-level mailboxes (remember, a > top-level mailbox is essentially the same as a username in the Cyrus namespace):
> localhost>  listmailbox user.%

But when I run "listmailbox user/%" (because I have the
unixhierarchysep set to yes), I don't get any mailboxes listed.

If I do just a plain "listmailbox", I'll get entries like:

user/mike/Sent at (\HasNoChildren)
user/mike/Trash at (\HasNoChildren)
user/mike/Trash at (\HasNoChildren)
user/mike at (\HasChildren)
user/mike at (\HasChildren)
user/patrick/Cron at (\HasNoChildren)
user/patrick/Deleted Items at (\HasNoChildren)
user/patrick/Deleted Messages at (\HasNoChildren)
user/patrick/Drafts at (\HasNoChildren)
user/patrick/Saved Messages at (\HasNoChildren)
user/patrick/Sent Messages at (\HasNoChildren)
user/patrick at (\HasNoChildren)

What I want to be able to get is:

user/mike at (\HasChildren)
user/mike at (\HasChildren)
user/patrick at (\HasNoChildren)

Is there something special I need to do because of my configuration?



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