how to delete old messages in all mailboxes excluding IMAP?

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Thu May 11 04:06:04 EDT 2006

--On May 11, 2006 10:18:16 AM +0300 Igor Belikov <belikoviv at> wrote:

> Hello info-cyrus,
>   When I using "ipurge -f -d 30 -X" - it deletes messages older 30
>   days in all mailboxes, including those to which access are made
>   using IMAP. But I need to delete messages only in mailboxes accessed
>   using POP3.
>   Is any simple way to do this exist? I don't want to write script
>   that obtain all mailboxes, exclude from them IMAP mailboxes and do
>   "ipurge" individually for each mailbox...

There isn't any difference between an IMAP mailbox and a POP3 mailbox.  So 
no.  There was/is an extension to use some annotate data in ipurge's 
decision process, with that you could annotate people who're using pop3 but 
they could stop using pop3 and switch to IMAP at any time.

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