Make cyradm use plain+tls

Jorey Bump list at
Mon May 1 15:46:49 EDT 2006

Perry Brown wrote:
>> From a thread last month some fine folks on this listed suggested I 
>> set up 
> tls for plain so that I could do an xfer of mailboxes from one host to 
> another.
> I got that set up and I am able to do an imtest from one host to the 
> other one and it gets authenticated with plain+tls.
> My problem now happens when going back to cyradm to do the xfer. When I 
> log into the source host I'm authenticated with plain and when I run the 
> xfer command it tries to connnect to the destination server as plain.
> How can I force cyradm to connect with plain+tls? Or possibly some work 
> around using Cyrus::IMAP::Shell

In this case, an ssh tunnel might be your best bet. Connect it between 
the remote host's port 143 and an arbitrary port on your source host 
(such as 2143). Then you can use localhost:2143 as the remote host if 
the xfer command supports host:port semantics.

Another possibility is to not advertise plain or login on the remote 
host while you are doing the transfer. Naturally, this will require you 
to configure an alternate mechanism. It will also transfer the data in 
the clear, while an ssh tunnel will protect it over the network.

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