More robust INDEXing

Adam Kramer akramer at
Mon May 1 13:45:23 EDT 2006

If you enable Squatter it will make search indices that significantly  
speed up SEARCH commands, so it would already be integrated with  
clients that do server-side searching. I find that the indices add  
20-30% storage overhead to mailboxes.


On Apr 30, 2006, at 1:26 PM, Forrest Aldrich wrote:

> Slightly OT: however, there are a few programs out there that offer  
> a richer indexing method (a la Google for your email).
> I wonder if there's a place for that somewhere in the Cyrus  
> structure. There's obvious utility in a richer search-and-find method.
> I'm probably not alone with my hoard of emails, spanning many years  
> (and many memories), amounting to thousands (or more!) of  
> individual messages.
> I have these all slightly organized in my Cyrus IMAP spool, which I  
> back up regularly.
> I find, however, that basic searches don't always work well, or are  
> too slow.   Though, I admit I'm not 100% certain on how that  
> process "works" - for example, I use Thunderbird presently as my  
> email client, and I'm aware that Cyrus maintains its own *.index  
> files in each directory in the spool.
> It would be wonderful to have a richer indexing method.  That would  
> likely include some integration into clients (beyond the scope of  
> this discussion).
> Other programs I've run into include Zoë <>, which is  
> highly specialized (ie: you must use its infrastructure), there are  
> some on
> I wonder what others thoughts/experiences are on this area.  Or if  
> there are some other clever methods of enriching this process that  
> I've overlooked.
> Thanks.
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