Can't get sieve to send mail

Scott Bronson bronson at
Thu Mar 30 09:21:38 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 08:01 -0500, Ken Murchison wrote:
> Is notifyd running?  Can it find the 'sendmail' binary?

Ah.  I thought notifyd was just for mail notifications, not sieve too.
I was misled by this entry in imapd.conf(5):

  notifysocket: {configdirectory}/socket/notify
       Unix domain socket that the new mail notification daemon listens

So I didn't enable notifyd when installing.  Now it's running hunky

Might I suggest some changes so others don't suffer the same fate?

1. change the description of notifysocket in imapd.conf(5) to be
   applicable to more than new mail notification:

   old: Unix domain socket that the new mail notification...
   new: Unix domain socket that the notification daemon listens on.

2. Add a debug message that says that the notification daemon could not
   be contacted so the notification is being dropped on the floor.  That
   way the problem would have been less silent.

3. The notification sent by sieve has the subject "New mail
   notification."  That's a little strange.  Is there any way to
   change the subject so it doesn't overlap with actual new mail
   notifications?  The Sieve notification could be sent for any

4. master/conf/normal.conf, make notifyd sound a bit more critical:
   change: # this is only necessary if using notifications
           # notify cmd="notifyd" ...
   to    : # this is necessary when using notifications
           notify cmd="notifyd" ...

   Why not enable notifyd by default?  Proper notification is a rather
   important part of sieve filtering isn't it?

Anyhow, I'm glad it works.  Thanks for your help.  And for Cyrus!

    - Scott

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