Global Sieve scripts?

Anders Norrbring lists at
Mon Mar 27 10:36:36 EST 2006

Sven Mueller skrev:
> Anders Norrbring wrote on 27/03/2006 12:16:
>> What I want to do is simply reject e-mail from certain accounts, and 
>> send them a note that their mail was rejected. It could be done in 
>> Amavis as well, if I just disable the auto-learning feature.
> If you mean what I think you mean (sending a note to remote accounts
> that their mail was rejected), this is not a good idea. Mostly because
> you can't be sure that the envelope sender is really the true sender. If
> you want to refuse mail from certain addresses, do so at the very first
> part of your local delivery chain (usually the smtp daemon - postfix in
> your case as it seems), _not_ at some later point in the chain (like a
> post-queue filter with postfix which your amavis seems to be).
> Otherwise, you will create backscatter (bounces directed at people which
> are not responsible for sending the offensive mail in the first place).
> regards,
> Sven

I didn't think of that really... But on the other hand, these rejections 
should be of well-known addresses that more or less hammers us with 
requests that we've told them that we won't fulfill.

Anyway, can you please point me to a suitable documentation on how to 
implement the function at an earlier level?


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