Global Sieve scripts?

Sven Mueller cyrus at
Mon Mar 27 08:21:39 EST 2006

Anders Norrbring wrote on 27/03/2006 12:16:
> What I want to do is simply reject e-mail from certain accounts, and 
> send them a note that their mail was rejected. It could be done in 
> Amavis as well, if I just disable the auto-learning feature.

If you mean what I think you mean (sending a note to remote accounts
that their mail was rejected), this is not a good idea. Mostly because
you can't be sure that the envelope sender is really the true sender. If
you want to refuse mail from certain addresses, do so at the very first
part of your local delivery chain (usually the smtp daemon - postfix in
your case as it seems), _not_ at some later point in the chain (like a
post-queue filter with postfix which your amavis seems to be).
Otherwise, you will create backscatter (bounces directed at people which
are not responsible for sending the offensive mail in the first place).


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