Restored mailboxes causes replication to bail

Roland Pope rpope at
Wed Mar 22 19:55:29 EST 2006

Hi all,

I am in the process of testing the new 2.3.3 Replication code and it has 
highlighted an issue which seems to relate to how I have been recovering 
people's mailboxes.

I occasionally get a call from a user 'xxx' saying they would like a backup 
copy of all their mail loaded down from tape, adjacent to their live email.
What I have been doing is to create a folder and load 
their whole mailbox heirachy from backup to this location.
Then I run a a recursive reconstruct to add the reloaded mailboxes into 
thier live account (ie reconstruct -rf
When I try to replicate a user which has such a 'Recovered' mailbox, the 
replication client  bails out because it seems to treat the 
'' mailbox as the INBOX and trys to do a rename 
(which fails). There must be something stored in the cyrus.* files in a 
reloaded INBOX which treats such a folder differently to normal user 
What should I do here?
Should I remove one of the cyrus.* files from the reloaded inbox folder 
before doing the reconstruct?
Or am I doing something incorrect with my reloads that I should be doing 


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