what encryption is used by Cyrus to encrypt passwords?

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Wed Mar 15 11:04:59 EST 2006

On ons, 2006-03-15 at 16:11 +0100, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> I have a user base in two databases: one in LDAP, for Samba, and one in 
> MySQL, for cyrus/mail.

> It's not very comfortable, as I have to do the things twice.
> So I thought of "leeching" the users and passwords from the LDAP 
> database, filtering it through a script, and creating cyrus accounts 
> this way.
Sounds like a bad idea. Why not just configure Cyrus-sasl to get it's passwords via ldap too?

> There is one problem though - Samba accounts use SSHA encryption, and 
> Cyrus doesn't.
> What encryption is used by Cyrus?
> When I look into MySQL database, the password look like that:
> abcDe12FGHiJK
> So it's 13 characters.
> What encryption is it?
Tarjei Huse <tarjei at nu.no>

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