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Sebastian Hagedorn <Hagedorn at> writes:

> Hi,
> --On 14. März 2006 11:44:21 +0200 Elver Loho <elver.loho at> wrote:
>> Mail is sent with specific Estonian characters in it (Latin-1 /
>> ISO-8859-1 encoded). These chars look like õüäö and ÕÜÄÖ
>> These chars in the subject line are replaced with X by what I assume
>> to be Cyrus. (The mails go through Fetchmail, Postfix, Cyrus and
>> Thunderbird and yes, it could be any one of them, but my bet is on
>> Cyrus at the moment.)
> yes, it is Cyrus. Cyrus *only* does this if the subject line isn't
> properly encoded as specified by RFC 2047. It only replaces bare 8-bit
> characters. A properly encoded subject using ISO-8859-1 looks like
> this:
> Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Re:_Zu_gro=DF_-_Dual_Layer=3F=3F?=
>> What's funny is that subject lines with UTF-8 encoding render just
>> fine are not replaced with any X-chars. So I get a lot of lovely
>> squigglies with Asian spam.
> They render fine because they are properly encoded. So: fix the mail
> clients that send broken header lines. I get only few such broken
> mails these days.

There is a patch to cyrus-imapd  that implements munge8bit option.

Expert from /etc/imapd.conf installed by debian cyrus package (patched?).

# Munging illegal characters in headers
# Headers of RFC2882 messages must not have characters with the 8th bit
# set. However, too many badly-written MUAs generate this, including most
# spamware. If you kept reject8bit disabled, you can choose to leave the
# crappage untouched by disabling this (if you don't care that IMAP SEARCH
# won't work right anymore.
#munge8bit: no

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