we need some information about cyrus-imap server

Masud Girkar mgirkar at rezayat.net
Tue Mar 14 02:22:02 EST 2006

Hi List,

"We need to make sure that Cyrus server with Open-Xchange is capable of 
handling 2-3 Tera bytes of mail database store. We need to keep large 
size of mail databases on SAN devices. If somebody is already having 
this kind of setup or known with the proficiency of Cyrus IMAP Server. 
Please help"

1. Is one Cyrus is capable enough to work for 1-3 Tera bytes
2. Will there be any issue of speed of the mailing system while keeping 
large size mail storage database with the Cyrus server?
3. What would be the Cyrus configuration/architecture for this setup.
4. OR is there a way to archive the old mail (inbox/sent)on the server 
so that the users can access/search the old mails at some later stage.


Masud Girkar

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