Can't connect to server *SOLVED*

Jim Sabatke jsabatke at
Sun Mar 12 21:48:31 EST 2006

Jim Sabatke wrote:
> Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>> Am So, den 12.03.2006 schrieb Jim Sabatke um 15:50:
>>> I know this is a common problem.  I've spent well over 100 hours 
>>> scouring google for answers.  I've sunk to just 'trying' things to 
>>> see how they work.  I had cyrus working with postfix once, but I had 
>>> a disk crash a year ago and lost some of the setup. Fortunately I 
>>> didn't lose much email, which I badly need, and soon.
>>> I couldn't connect to "telnet localhost imap" until I activated imap 
>>> in intetd, which is contrary to 'most' documentation.
>> You then activated the wrong IMAP server. Cyrus-IMAPd has a standalone
>> daemon master process and isn't (x)inetd controlled.
>>> Now I can't get past the following:
>>> jim at bandit:/programs/mail/cyrus-imapd-2.2.12> cyradm
>>> cyradm> cm user.jim
>>> createmailbox: no connection to server
>>> cyradm>
>> This is a result of running not Cyrus-IMAPd but a different IMAP server.
>>> I assume the server is cyrus.  I just don't know where to go next and 
>>> am very frustrated.  I would be happy to just be pointed to a faq or 
>>> instructions, but I find that what is online is not in anyway 
>>> consistant; probably due to the advanced coding of cyrus.  Even 
>>> compiling the program is almost undocumented unless one knows what 
>>> all the flags do.
>>> Jim

I had a bad /etc/imapd.conf.  I needed:

sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop

which I found at one out of the hundreds of URLs I visited.  Apparently 
this is new.

Thanks for all who looked at this.


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