How to activate sieve script for users?

Joseph Brennan brennan at
Thu Mar 9 12:57:18 EST 2006

> you dont need to known user passwords to set sieve scripts.

The more interesting problem is how you will then maintain the
scripts.  Most users do not have the technical background to
hand-edit sieve scripts.  Instead they use a GUI to do this.

But I'll grant that someone who could write .procmailrc recipes
should be able to handle sieve.

The GUI clients are write-only.  That is, they can translate
their own ruleset into sieve script, but they cannot translate
back from sieve script.  So you use the GUI, it stores its
ruleset, and puts a sieve version to the server.  When you
want to update, the GUI reads its ruleset to show you what
you have, and if you change something, it again puts a sieve
version to the server.

What we're doing here is implementing the web-based Ingo
interface, and disallowing any other.  This gets us at least
the portability that the Ingo page can be accessed from anywhere,
so that a user can update sieve rules from anywhere.  (Actually
the user is updating Ingo rulesets that are put to the server
as sieve rules.)  The down side is that some things you can
really do with sieve itself are not available.

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University Information Technology

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