How to activate sieve script for users?

Laurent Larquère llarquere at
Thu Mar 9 12:25:20 EST 2006

you dont need to known user passwords to set sieve scripts.
Become the cyrus user if you can.
For each user :
- determine the directory for sieve scripts of the user
(in imapd.conf, see sievedir hashimapspool fulldirhash)
- mkdir -p the dir if not exist
- copy your script for the user in that dir (eg: s0.script)
- sievec s0.script s0.bc
- ln -s s0.bc defaultbc
- (if root) set ownership of the entire sieve hierarchy to the cyrus user

Kai Wang a écrit :

> Greetings.
> We are migrating from uw-imap to cyrus. I have converted our users' 
> procmailrc files to sieve scripts. I have root access and know the 
> user cyrus' password. But I don't know users' password. Can anybody 
> tell me how to activate for them?
> Thanks in advance

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