ldap auxprop plugin on centos4/rhel4?

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Thu Mar 9 11:51:19 EST 2006

Quoting Igor Brezac <igor at ipass.net>:

>> Quoting Igor Brezac <igor at ipass.net>:
>>> Which version on openldap?
>> 2.2.13
> This is old and buggy.  At minimum I recommend using the latest 2.2, 
> but your best bet is to use the latest 2.3 (currently 2.3.20)

Actually, it's the Red Hat RPM package with backported patches.  Not 
2.2.13 from openldap.org tarball.  It's probably closer to latest 2.2.x 
then to original 2.2.13 tarball.  Should work OK (and so far was 
working OK).

> Those are not ldapdb auxprop options.

OK, I see.  I'm currently building newer Cyrus-SASL on CentOS4 from 
Fedora rawhide SRPM (2.1.21-10).  Seems to be building OK for now 
without any changes to spec file.  Looking at the spec file, it should 
be built with --enable-ldapdb and have cyrus-sasl-ldap subpackage 
defined.  Which is all what I need, I guess.  I kind of prefer sticking 
with RPM packages whenever possible (many many thanks to Simon for 
doing an awesome job with cyrus-imapd SRPM).  Makes things way more 

See Ya' later, alligator!

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