ldap auxprop plugin on centos4/rhel4?

Igor Brezac igor at ipass.net
Thu Mar 9 11:24:47 EST 2006

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> Quoting Igor Brezac <igor at ipass.net>:
>> Which version on openldap?
> 2.2.13

This is old and buggy.  At minimum I recommend using the latest 2.2, but 
your best bet is to use the latest 2.3 (currently 2.3.20)

>>> sasl_ldap_base: ou=people,dc=foobar,dc=com
> [snip]
>> All of these are saslauthd options and they have no effect in imapd.conf. 
>> Please read options.html from cyrus-sasl 2.1.21
> Hmmm...  Strange...  They were documented in imapd.conf file,

Those are not ldapdb auxprop options.


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