Migrate message flags to cyrus

Kai Wang kwang at ucalgary.ca
Wed Mar 8 16:14:07 EST 2006

What patch did you make? Aleksandar. Is it on the IMAPClient module? I 
found it does not handle special characters in folder names.

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> Quoting Michael Menge <Michael.Menge at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de>:
>> The best way to perserve the flags is by transfering the eMails over 
>> the  IMAP-Protocol. There are severel tools to do this job. Most of 
>> them are written to sync two ore more mailfolders.
>> As far as i have tested them there was no perfect ore even best 
>> migration tool.
>> We will use the mailutil programm which comes with the uw-imap 
>> server. It was the fastest programm and it keeps the flags.
> Another tool that I used for "small" migrations was imapsync.  
> Michael, I beleive I sent you my patched version of imapsync.  Could 
> you tell me what was a speed difference between imapsync and mailutil 
> that you observed?  I'll need to move one huge mailbox in near future, 
> so just wondering if it would make sense using mailutil for this job 
> instead of imapsync.

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