2.3.3 replication

Muenz, Michael linux at leute.server.de
Wed Mar 8 09:58:39 EST 2006

> > What happens if you use '-r' instead of '-u'
> It happens the same.
> I have tried all options. Every time the same error.
> >> If I try the following command as cyrus user "/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/ 
> >> sync_client -S centos4-vm2 -u" I get the following error messages.
> >> Can not connect to server 'centos4-vm2'
> >>
> >> syslog shows the following
> >> sync_client[25660]: connect(centos4-vm2) failed: Invalid argument

Just type "sync_client -u" any post what happens. sync_host is already
configured in your imapd.conf. You also could dump your connection,
perhaps there are some problems with TLS.


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