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You need to make sure that $CRYPT in the file config.inc.php
is set to md5.

Look here - http://www.delouw.ch/linux/Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO/html/web-cyradm-config.html

Crypted passwords

Web-cyradm supports the storage of encrypted passwords. I strongly suggest the use of encryption. There are three methods supported at the moment: Unix-compatible (crypt), md5 and MySQL. The Unix-compatible encryption allows you to import encrypted passwords from an existing /etc/shadow. This is the preferred option. 

Unfortunately, MySQL uses a proprietary encryption method which is only available when using MySQL. I'm currently thinking about dropping support for MySQL crypt, because it only works with MySQL and makes a migration to another database impossible. As soon as there is a method available to re-engineer the MySQL crypt on PHP there will be a solution (Help needed in programming, legal constraints?) 

Check the variable $CRYPT in the file config.inc.php. Value »plain« means no encryption, »crypt« means Shadow compatible encryption, mysql means MySQL encryption.

You wrote:

Yes, mail users are shell users too.
But question is, how to migrate MD5 hash passwords from /etc/shadow to 
mysql, if I wish to use web-cyradm and sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop ?

Thanks, Mitja

Btw I found quota script, that work fine;
# quotacheck.pl
# Written by Mark Borrie, ITS, University of Otago
#            Dunedin, New Zealand
#            mark at gandalf.otago.ac.nz

Nikola Milutinovic pravi:
> --- Mitja Sladovic <mitja at rageofdivine.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I don't have users stored in mysql (cyrus users are system users), so 
>> this script doesn't work for me..
> Any particualr reason for this? One of my first motives to move to Cyrus (and
> at that time I was using it as POP3 server) was the ability to avoid using OS
> accounts for mail users. Then I saw how IMAP4 was good and moved to it.

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