how to disable selected mailboxes ?

Eric Estabrooks eric at
Tue Mar 7 22:46:51 EST 2006

J Desrochers wrote:

> Hello,
> We are currently using Cyrus 2.2.12 on RHEL4.1 for a couple of weeks.
> Now i need to temporarily DISABLE some active mailboxes. by disabling 
> i mean,
> server must reject mail coming to this mailbox and i must prevent user 
> from
> accessing is own mailbox.
> Is there a way  i can disable some accounts (without loosing data) and
> then re-enable selected accounts (imap commands?)

I do this via sql.  The accounts have an extra flag that just toggles 
enable/disable, which is used as  part of the sql query.  Both the smtp 
server and the cyrus imap client then check the flag when doing valid 
account checks.  It makes it real easy to turn off an account but leave 
all its data intact for easy re-enabling later.


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