Migrate message flags to cyrus

Michael Menge Michael.Menge at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Mar 8 02:16:07 EST 2006

Kai Wang wrote:
> Thank you, Michael. Do you know how to run mailutil in a script? I tried 
> it. But I could not find how to submit a user's password to it.

expect can automate interactiv programss. With autoexpect you can create 
the script for expect

> Michael Menge wrote:
>> Kai Wang wrote:
>>> Greetings.
>>> We are in the process of migrating from uw-imap to cyrus. I could not 
>>> find any tool to migrate message flags(answered, deleted, flagged, 
>>> draft, seen). I know that the first 4 flags are saved in cyrus.index 
>>> file and the seen one is in <userid>.seen file. The "tagged for 
>>> deletion" flag is very important to us and I need to migrate at least 
>>> this one. I wonder if anybody can give me a hand.
>>> Thanks
>> The best way to perserve the flags is by transfering the eMails over 
>> the  IMAP-Protocol. There are severel tools to do this job. Most of 
>> them are written to sync two ore more mailfolders.
>> As far as i have tested them there was no perfect ore even best 
>> migration tool.
>> We will use the mailutil programm which comes with the uw-imap server. 
>> It was the fastest programm and it keeps the flags.

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