SaslAuth + Mysql (SOLVED)

Nathanael Noblet nathanael at
Fri Mar 3 11:12:36 EST 2006

Vernon A. Fort <vfort <at>> writes:

> Cyrus-imap is configured to use saslauthd - saslauthd is configured to 
> use pam and pam/imap is using the pam_mysql.
> Again, the system would run fine for a few days and then crash.  I 
> discovered this by watching vmstat+top+iostat and noticed when 200+ 
> messages came in at once, the system hardly swapped at all BUT the swap 
> USED still increased.  I watched the swap used grow to 3 GIG within 36 
> hours.
> Adding the -c FLAG (credential caching) 'appears' to have solved the 
> problem.
> Anyway - just posting a follow up in the event someone else has a 
> similar problem.

I have a very similar setup and just went through figuring out what 
was causing the swap usage you saw as well. From the thread the next 
poster said that the solution you proposed wouldn't in the end fix 
the problem. Does -c actually fix it?

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