A little Cyrus Murder help

squirrelmail at geshu.com squirrelmail at geshu.com
Fri Mar 3 13:54:31 EST 2006

Hi, I am in the process of trying to implement a Cyrus murder environment on
an RLX Blade server (1200i blades) running RH 9.0 and a Dell 2650
Windows2000 web server with Squirrelmail.  I had everything running on
windows with a windows based imap server but the load was just too great and
the entire system crawled.

I am in no way a Linux expert so my questions may seem a little sophomoric
but hopefully someone can shed some light on pieces that are missing to my
puzzle.  I am wondering how the squirrelmail which runs on a windows 2000
server webserver (with php,etc installed) is connecting to the murder.  I
initially put in the FQDN of the mupdate master into the squirrelmail config
file (imapserver) but that did not yield access.  I then changed it just to
the public IP and still nothing.  Next the internal IP and again nothing.  I
then changed it to the backend-server info but got nowhere as well.  I plan
on having 1 mupdate master, 4 front-ends and 7 backends in this system but I
am a little sketchy on how the web service will communicate with all of
this.  For that matter allowing outlook type clients is also a bit sketchy.
I have strained my eyes on the diagram provided but something is just not
clicking for me with respect to allowing these different interfaces to
communicate with the murder system.

I have followed the instructions found on delouw.ch for installing Mysql
4.0/DB4/SASl2/Cyrus-imap 2.3.1/Postifx 2.2.8/pam_mysql and a netstat on each
shows a running system.  imtest and mupdatetest work from all systems.

I then fumbled my way through getting the mupdate master up and running and
all tests work fine so I moved on to the backend server.  I got that running
and I issued the mupdate push command whcih did not display any errors but
thr -mw did not display anything either.  I moved on to a frontend server
and evrything seems to have gone well.  I can communicate with each of the
servers from the other with imtest through putty but as soon as I try and
configure the websystem or outlook to try and communicate with them I get
knowwhere.  I thought it may be my firewall so I went through my
configuration and I am allowing all imap/pop/3905 communications (otherwise
I would not be able to communicate throug putty).

Thank you for anyone who can fill  a few gaps for me

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