cyrus force pop3 clients to leave messages on server

Martin Schiøtz malinux at
Sun Jul 30 20:46:56 EDT 2006

On 7/30/06, Daniel Eckl <deckl at> wrote:
> That's a good idea. But this may have an unwanted side effect:
> A pop3 client which is not configured to leave messages on server might
> ignore the possibility that messages on the server might be seen already.
> If the client doesn't compare fetched and unfetched mails with the UIDL
> command, it might always fetch all messages from the server over and
> over again, because it thinks it has deleted all fetched mails and all
> mails on server must be new.
> So would act al clients which don't use the UIDL command at all, because
> they miss the "leave messages on server" option at all.
I see your point!

> I think have a better idea (but without knowing the reason for the
> posters request, it might be unusable, I don't know):

The main mail service is build around imap and webmail also sa-learn
ham is based on the INBOX. Actually I was thinking about not to
provide POP3 at all.
But if it was possible to force POP3 clients to leave copy on server I
would have no worry  also to provide POP3.

> Use sieve script to copy all incoming messages to another folder.
> The POP3 clients keep fetching and truncating the INBOX but all messages
> are still on the server in another folder. In case some of them are
> needed again, one could use a webmail IMAP client to view them or copy
> some of them into the inbox to be fetched again.

I can see this would be a solution but anyway it would be taking to
much space on the server. I think I will not to provide POP3 at all.

- Martin

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