cyrus force pop3 clients to leave messages on server

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Sun Jul 30 15:05:32 EDT 2006

That's a good idea. But this may have an unwanted side effect:

A pop3 client which is not configured to leave messages on server might
ignore the possibility that messages on the server might be seen already.

If the client doesn't compare fetched and unfetched mails with the UIDL
command, it might always fetch all messages from the server over and
over again, because it thinks it has deleted all fetched mails and all
mails on server must be new.

So would act al clients which don't use the UIDL command at all, because
they miss the "leave messages on server" option at all.

I think have a better idea (but without knowing the reason for the
posters request, it might be unusable, I don't know):
Use sieve script to copy all incoming messages to another folder.
The POP3 clients keep fetching and truncating the INBOX but all messages
are still on the server in another folder. In case some of them are
needed again, one could use a webmail IMAP client to view them or copy
some of them into the inbox to be fetched again.


former03 | Baltasar Cevc schrieb:
> If I'm not mistaken that's impossible due to the POP3 protocol
> restrictions, the messages are removed using the DELE command, and
> there's some command to get the numers of the messages and UUIDs.
> If this assumption is right, the only possibilities would be to prevent
> deletion using ACL (which would impact IMAP, too) or to insert a proxy
> that prevents the DELE command from being executed.
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