High availability email server...

Fabio Corazza fabio at newbay.com
Fri Jul 28 17:30:37 EDT 2006

Rich Graves wrote:
> Clustered filesystems don't make any sense for Cyrus, since the
> application itself doesn't allow simultaneous read/write. Just use a
> normal journaling filesystem and fail over by mounting the FS on the
> backup server. Consider replication such as DRDB or proprietary SAN
> replication if you feel you must physically mirror the storage.

That means "forget about cyrus being active/active"?
Sounds like a BIG limitation to me, especially when we talk about
horizontal scalability.

> Anyway, it has nothing to do with Cyrus, but if anyone does have another
> application that wants lots of small files on a clustered FS:
> http://web.caspur.it/Files/2005/01/10/1105354214692.pdf
> http://polyserve.com/pdf/Caspur_CS.pdf

Thanks very much for pointing out at those documents.

Regarding your questions, I've never tried to do comparisons between
VxFS and ext3, but as far as I know the first one performs better. If
this is available for Solaris 10_x86 consider an AMD64 architecture,
should be pretty cheap compared to SPARC and very well performing.


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