High availability email server...

Rich Graves rgraves at carleton.edu
Fri Jul 28 16:52:17 EDT 2006

Clustered filesystems don't make any sense for Cyrus, since the 
application itself doesn't allow simultaneous read/write. Just use a 
normal journaling filesystem and fail over by mounting the FS on the 
backup server. Consider replication such as DRDB or proprietary SAN 
replication if you feel you must physically mirror the storage.

My question: So is *anyone* here happy with Cyrus on ext3? We're a small 
site, only 3200 users, 246GB mail. I'd really rather not try anything 
more exotic for supportability reasons, but I'm getting worried that our 
planned move from Solaris 9/VxFS to RHEL4/ext3 on significantly newer 
and faster hardware is going to be a downgrade.

Anyway, it has nothing to do with Cyrus, but if anyone does have another 
application that wants lots of small files on a clustered FS:

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