Replication woes with a specific mailbox...

Pascal Gienger Pascal.Gienger at
Fri Jul 28 05:02:26 EDT 2006

We had a strange exception here, a user's inbox could be replicated without 
problems, but doing it for a second time does not do it.

sync_client was invoked like this:

sync_client -v -u XXXXXXXXX

Jul 28 10:52:17 priscilla sync_client[21326]: RENAME received NO response: 
Rename failed user.XXXXXXXXX -> user.XXXXXXXXX.Uni: Operation is not 
supported on mailbox
Jul 28 10:52:17 priscilla sync_client[21326]: do_folders(): failed to 
rename: user.XXXXXXXXX -> user.pXXXXXXXXX.Uni
Jul 28 10:52:17 priscilla sync_client[21326]: Error in do_user(XXXXXXXXX): 
bailing out!

sync_client seems to try to RENAME the Inbox to the subfolder "Uni" which 
is complete nonsense.

It is the only mailbox where this appears.

Replicating in mailbox mode does work however.

I did a mailboxes.db-Dump (ctl_mboxlist -d) and could not find any 
inconsistencies with that user's mailboxes, including the one named "Uni".

Anyone had the same problem? :) Difficult to submit a bug report because I 
can't tell the exact condition when this appears.
The username was replaced by "XXXXXXXXX" for privacy reasons.

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