machine mismatch UUID

Fabio Rossetti f.rossetti at
Wed Jul 26 19:13:38 EDT 2006

Cyrus replication saved my ass the other day when my 'master' replica server
failed. Now the 'replica' server has become the new master, and I've set up
a new replica. I've pretty much copied the master configuration on the
ex-replica and all wen well with this hitch.
The old master used UUIDs ( sync_machineid:1) but using the same
configuration on the ex-replica gave this in syslog:
Jul 27 00:00:00 exreplica master[23136]: Machine mismatch: 1 != 2
 Jul 27 00:00:00 exreplica master[23136]: Couldn't initialise UUID subsystem
cyrus virtually hung up, to make it restart I had to disable UUIDs and
delete deliver.db, which was corrupted. Then I tried using a
sync_machineid:2 in imapd.conf with the corresponding provide_uuid in cyrus
conf, and everything went ok.
But I've never set a "2" machineid on the replica-now-working-as-master,
such a setup is not mentioned in the documentation I've read. So it probably
has to be had set automatically, but... where ??
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