Solaris compile fails cyrus-sasl 2.1.22

Vincent Fox vbfox at
Wed Jul 26 17:22:15 EDT 2006

Ian Logan wrote:
> You might try installing OpenSSL, I'm pretty sure thats what I did 
> when I ran into the problem you described.
> I think (not sure) that cyrus-sasl will then use the MD5 digest 
> routines from OpenSSL.
> Ian
Ooops!  Retracting last reply.

I have OpenSSL 0.9.7j in the standard location, and I reference it on 
the configure line.

However config.log shows that configure is just not seeing it for some 

configure:8188: checking for OpenSSL
configure:8190: result: no


I don't know how I missed this. Thanks!

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