R: migrate cyrus to another server.

Fabio Rossetti f.rossetti at dinonet.it
Wed Jul 26 12:41:15 EDT 2006


>On my servers I have /var/lib/imap and /var/spool/imap. To migrate
>everything on another box with the same software releases, I simply stop
>cyrus, rsync both dirs to the new box and start it again. You only have a
>problem if you for example use BDB for some database backends and your old
>and new server don't have the same BDB versions installed. With all the
>same releases, it's really no problem.
Migrating only /var/spool/imap/user/* and /var/imap/user/* (for .seen and
.sub) between two 2.3.x installations using skiplists should pose no problem
then ? I would first recreate the mailboxes and the accounts using data from
a database backend

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