reconstruct while system is running?

Heiling, Steffen cyr-l at
Tue Jul 25 09:37:43 EDT 2006

Dear List,

I'm just wondering if I can run "reconstruct -r" for all mailboxes  
while the system is running with mid load? I want to switch all  
mailboxes to a new server with more space and without a big downtime.
I would do a sync (with replication) and after that, reroute  
connections with iptabels to the new server and start a reconstruct on  
it. Is it ok when users doing their imap-stuff while it's running? I  
don't want to stop the server because a complete reconstruct takes  
about 2 hours.

Ah, and one second (stupid) question: ATM I'm running replication  
without UUID's. When I want to active it, I have to set the number on  
the production server to (e.g.) 1 and on the backup server to 2? In  
the docs it's not clear where to set the value (backend or replica).


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