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Phil Pennock info-cyrus-spodhuis at
Tue Jul 25 08:24:10 EDT 2006

On 2006-07-24 at 19:17 +0200, Pavel Stratil wrote:
> I still have one problem when compiling cyrus with perl. For some reason 
> I don't quite get, the perl part of the compilation believes that I am 
> using sun's compiler but I'm using the GNU compiler. The problem seems 
> to be only in the perl. I tried to edit the perl/imap/makefile with this:

Perl remembers the compiler and flags with which it was built and stores
them in; it later tries to use the same compiler, to ensure
that binary modules load cleanly since there's no absolute ABI which is
adhered to.

perl -MConfig -e 'print "$_\t\t$Config{$_}\n" foreach sort keys %Config' |less

and search for stuff with 'cc', 'cpp', 'ld' at the start of the names to

By far the easiest and most reliable fix for most people is to build the
latest stable Perl using the system compiler that you actually use, then
decide what you want to do about the old Perl; perhaps leave it in place
but replace the 'perl' and 'perl5' symlinks so that they point to the
new version but something that explicitly codes in perl5.<ver> can still
use the system one.

What decision you make will affect where you can get pre-packaged Perl
modules from, your ability to build modules from CPAN, etc etc.

Another alternative which you might consider is
<URL:>.  It has packages for Perl, Cyrus IMAP,
and "cyrus-imapd-utils", which depends upon "pm_cyrus", which gets you
the Perl support (given their Perl); the downside is that it's Cyrus
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