Migrate QMail to Cyrus

Patrick T. Tsang patrick at patricktsang.net
Thu Jul 20 10:19:26 EDT 2006

Read this link, and then you know why mailutil is NOT good enough.


I am also having this problem.
To improve the speed, I have to tar the mail to the new server and do 
reconstruct, and then use imapsync to re-build the imap flag and re-subscrib 
the imap folder.
However, I am still not satisfied by this method.

Please kindly share me a better way.

BTW, people using SAN for clustering solution is welcome, too.


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> Hello,
> we have sucessfully installed a mailserver with Sendmail, MySQL and Cyrus.
> Now we want to migrate the user mails from the old server (qmail) to the 
> new.
> I have tried imapsync and it works fine, but it takes too long for our not 
> so small imap-folders.
> So we are looking forward to find another solution. We have thought about 
> copying  the old qmail mails to the new server and migrate them to Cyrus.
> But we have not found a solution yet where we could keep flag informations 
> like read or unread.
> Could anyone give me a piece of advise in this matter?
> Best regards,
> Bjoern Burger
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