Mogens Melander mogens at
Wed Jul 19 04:23:05 EDT 2006

On Tue, July 18, 2006 18:10, Nick Smith said:
> I know this isnt a specific cyrus error, but im not getting anywhere on
> other mailing lists or googling and was hoping that maybe someone on
> this list has had the same error at some time and would be able to tell
> me how to fix it.

> It seems im missing the, i have confirmed that it is no
> where to be found on the system.  I have installed every package i an
> think of to get that file, pam-devel etc and still cant seem to find
> where that file comes from or what i need to install to get it.
> Has anyone else ran into this problem on SLES9?  Can anyone help shed a
> little light on this for me?

Try installing one off theese


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