creating user accounts

Nick Smith nick at
Tue Jul 18 13:22:17 EDT 2006

Although im having auth errors with pam, i decided to just send a test 
email to the account i setup in web-cyradm, and when i did i got this 
error.  So that begs the question, when you create a user in web-cyradm, 
does it create the nessisary mailbox's to go with that account? where 
does it store the account? in the DB or on the file system somewhere?  I 
wonder if this could be causing my auth problems?

Jul 18 13:17:52 postfix/pipe[18832]: F2A872C122: 
to=<nick.smith at>, orig_to=<nick.smith at>, 
relay=cyrus, delay=3, status=bounced (data format error. Command output: 
nick.smith: Mailbox does not exist )
Jul 18 13:17:52 postfix/cleanup[18828]: 0077D2C979: 
message-id=<20060718171752.0077D2C979 at>
Jul 18 13:17:52 postfix/qmgr[18762]: 0077D2C979: from=<>, size=2937, 
nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 18 13:17:52 postfix/qmgr[18762]: F2A872C122: removed
Jul 18 13:17:55 postfix/smtp[18836]: 0077D2C979: to=<nick at>,[], delay=3, status=sent (250 ok 
1153243074 qp 23039)
Jul 18 13:17:55 postfix/qmgr[18762]: 0077D2C979: removed

Thanks for any help.


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