anthentication problem with Cyrus::IMAP::Admin;

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Tue Jul 18 09:32:44 EDT 2006



This is a follow up to my earlier call for help. I am stuck, so I will ask a
simpler question. Is there any trick authenticating as a global admin
(cyrus) with Cyrus::IMAP::Admin? When I login with user "cyrus" in cyradm I
can see in the log that I have authenticated as just cyrus


Jul 18 06:17:38 mailtx1 imap[6959]: login: localhost [] cyrus
plaintext User logged in


but when I do it with perl I am logged in with cyrus@[our domain]


Jul 18 06:18:50 mailtx1 imap[8769]: login: []
cyrus at plaintext User logged in


We have had this working on an old version of Cyrus but that system is not
running so I can't see what was happening there, but we could administer all
of the virtual domains.


Thanks, Jerry


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