How does aliases work with cyrus?

Michael Johnson kaiser at
Sat Jul 15 02:14:03 EDT 2006

On Jul 15, 2006, at 1:12 AM, Jim John wrote:

> If a user is an alias such as sales at, how does cyrus  
> forward mail to a  different user such as john at Thank you.

That's not really a function of the MDA.  Your MTA should be doing  
that sort of thing.  Cyrus might do that sort of thing, I don't know,  
but it's not likely.  Cyrus just delivers mail to the end user.  It  
doesn't do any transport.

Think of it like this:

Your friend sends a large package to you via freight.  The truck  
can't come into your neighborhood, so it drops it off at a  
distribution center.  The smaller truck from the distribution center  
delivers the package to your door.  Think of it like FedEx or UPS.   
They have 18 wheelers and jets which take the packages the long  
distances.  Those are the MTAs (like exim, sendmail, postfix, etc.).   
The trucks you see in the neighborhood double-parked so you can't get  
by are the MDAs (like Cyrus, UW, Dovecot, Courier, etc.).

That mail forwarding thing is sort of like a change of address form.   
The mail/package gets routed to the new place before it ever sees the  
local delivery truck.


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