Cyrus 2.3.7 Replication Question

Scott Russell lnxgeek at
Wed Jul 12 19:54:32 EDT 2006

Robert Mueller wrote:
> You can make it work (we do), but you need 2 separate instances of 
> cyrus on each machine, which basically means 2 start/stop scripts, 2 
> different ports/ips for each service, 2 imapd.confs, 2 cyrus.confs, 
> and lots of -C command line params to everything so it uses the right 
> conf file.

Can you detail this A <-> B replication setup more? I've been trying to 
figure out how to make use of the new 2.3.7 replication features outside 
of a murder. The thing I can't wrap my head around is the following 

1) Server A dies
2) Users are sent to Server B via DNS redirects
3) Server A is restored
4) Mailboxes on Server B are now more 'current' than mailboxes on Server A

In other words, the failover is easy(ish) but the failback has me 
scratching my head. I Think two way replication solves that.

Scott Russell <lnxgeek at>
IBM Linux Technology Center, System Admin

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