Cyrus 2.3.7 Replication Question

Robert Mueller robm at
Wed Jul 12 18:48:57 EDT 2006

>> You can make it work (we do), but you need 2 separate instances of cyrus 
>> on
>> each machine, which basically means 2 start/stop scripts, 2 different
>> ports/ips for each service, 2 imapd.confs, 2 cyrus.confs, and lots of -C
>> command line params to everything so it uses the right conf file.
> to avoid all those -C, we patch our Cyrus so that all applications look
> for configuration files in the prefix specified in the environment
> variable $CYRUS_PATH first.  I'd be more than happy to get such a patch
> in upstream :-)

That sounds useful to me. Break out a patch and see what Ken thinks...


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