Subscribe as admin for a user?

Jason Englander jason at
Wed Jul 12 11:48:31 EDT 2006

Anyone know of a perl module or php function that will let the cyrus 
administrator-user subscribe a mailbox for a user without 
authenticating as that user and without using autocreate?

Would I break anything by modifying 
The user would definitely not be logged in at the time.

As you might have guessed, this is for a group of mega-newbies.  They'll 
be accessing the Cyrus server from work, from home, some with a Treo, 
Thunderbird, Outlook, Squirrelmail, ...  Otherwise I'd just have them 
uncheck 'Show only subscribed folders', etc.  I also won't have their 
passwords, unless I call each one to get it, so doing it myself as each 
user would be less than convenient.


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