possible cyrus problems

offman at micromark.com.cn offman at micromark.com.cn
Wed Jul 12 04:01:36 EDT 2006

Hi ,

I currently have 2 email systems which utilize exactly the same   
versions of Cyrus
which i currently have as 2.2.3, the systems are running on  SLES9 in  
2 different offices.

thru put is not that high, possibly several hundred emails a day &  
user base is about 15 people. (small office)

However one of the servers keeps   loosing all the email content  in   
the shared folders.
but it is only doing it say once a month and 1 folder at a time.
I am convinced that one of the users is deleting the contents of the  
shared folders.

The director is going mad , because the staff are saying that they  
did not delete the emails, so therefore it must be the software or  
the hardware problem right?

I have checked the system , and neither the disk of the file system  
is failing, nor is there any errors in any log.

How do I track down where the emails are going?


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