cyradm and cyrus administrator login

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Mon Jul 10 18:36:23 EDT 2006

Am Mo, den 10.07.2006 schrieb Jim John um 23:54:

> I have it working if I add the cyrus user to ldap. Seems like once you
> are using ldap as source for user authentication, cyrus does not check
> other sources.

On my system SASL falls back to auxprop/sasldb2 when saslauthd/ldap
isn't successful. My Cyrus admin user is in sasldb2 only.

>  However, I am unable to delete mailboxes once I log in as the cyrus
> user. I thought having cyrus as admin was enough for cyrus to get
> admin privileges?

No, it is not enough, for security reasons. You have to give the admin
user at least the "c" ACL. That is documented at least in the
Cyrus-IMAPd wiki.


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