[POLL] Cyrus 2.3.x and CONDSTORE

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Sat Jul 8 11:22:25 EDT 2006

Stupid question, but what *is* CONDSTORE? :)

On Fri, 7 Jul 2006, Ken Murchison wrote:

> David S. Madole wrote:
>> Ken Murchison wrote:
>>> Is anyone actively using the CONDSTORE extension supported in Cyrus 2.3.x? 
>>> I'm only aware of one client that supports it, so I'm thinking the user 
>>> base is quite small.
>>> The reason I ask is that I want to push out a 2.3.7 release ASAP which 
>>> contains a number of important bugfixes, but I've realized that the 
>>> replication protocol doesn't have any support for the metadata that is 
>>> used by CONDSTORE.  I started fixing this but I'm wondering if these 
>>> changes should be post 2.3.7.
>>> Would anyone freak out if 2.3.7 doesn't properly support CONDSTORE and 
>>> replication?
>> I don't know for sure if I am using it, because I don't know what all of my 
>> clients are, but I bet it's pretty doubtful.
> I'd be shocked if anyone other than Dave Cridland (the author of the Polymer 
> client) is using CONDSTORE support in Cyrus 2.3.  Not only do you have to 
> have a CONDSTORE-capable client, you would have to have enabled CONDSTORE 
> support on one or more mailboxes by setting the correct mailbox annotation. 
> Since very few, if any, clients support mailbox annotations (ANNOTATEMORE 
> extension), the user would have to very good knowledge of the IMAP protocol 
> or access to cyradm to enable CONDSTORE.
> So, a 2.3.7 release without the CONDSTORE replication fixes would essentially 
> create a replica with CONDSTORE disabled on every mailbox, which is probably 
> going to be an accurate image of the master in virtually every installation 
> in the wild.
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