Mailstore filesystem

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Wed Jul 5 06:14:31 EDT 2006

Marten Lehmann wrote:
> Is it possible that you are working with a fairly old linux 
> distribution? Today's ext3 shouldn't have these issues any longer, 
> otherwise Redhat wouldn't ship it as the only supported filesystem with 
> its Enterprise distributions. A modern 2.6er ext3 has indexes and 
> b-trees on top of the common ext3-layer, so even big directories 
> shouldn't be a problem any more.

I use different systems ontop of Reiser4 and Reiserfs FS and CFQ as IO 
sheduler and can only recomend this commbination. And that for quiet 
long time. Especialy Reiser4 is very well perfomanced on big directories 
with small files, like emails are. CFQ is fast as needed.

Teresa Kalitowska

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