lmtpproxyd fails in the face of unixhierarchysep: yes?

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman at tendentious.org
Mon Jul 3 17:34:36 EDT 2006

After being mystified as to why I was getting "non-existent mailbox"
errors when trying to deliver via lmtpproxyd, I think I've found an
error in lmtpproxyd WRT unixhierarchysep (though it seems somewhat

Specifically, in version Debian version 2.2.13-3, at line 683 of
lmtpproxyd.c, you see the following:

		strlcat(namebuf, "user.", sizeof(namebuf));
		strlcat(namebuf, user, sizeof(namebuf));

That would appear to me to be hard-coding the . separator, which, with
unixhierarchysep: yes, should actually be ^.  Then there is no
intervening invocation of any of the routines in mboxname to translate
it to the internal representaiton, and this is further reinforced, in
my mind, by the fact that I would always see:

  cmd_find(fd:18, domain.com!user.mdorman)

in the syslog output from the mupdate master even though it shows up
as domain.com!user^mdorman in the mailboxes.db file, etc.

Err, so am I totally off-base here?  I'm surprised to have found a bug
here, since it seems like it is a stretch of code that would get a lot
of work.

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