help on failed upgrade

Pascal Gienger Pascal.Gienger at
Sun Jul 2 09:26:51 EDT 2006

ignasigarcia at wrote:

> Hi there!
> Last week we upgraded our server from cyrus 2.1.15
> (SuSE 9.0) to 2.2.21 (SuSE 10.1). we had some
> /var/lib/imap problems that prevented us from even
> starting cyrus. We managed to boot it up after
> deleting some databases in db/ and backup/, after
> following some thread in a forum. The result, all
> email messages stored lost their state (read, unread,

The standard for the seen DB was changed from flat to skiplist as my memory 
recalls on that suse package. You should see database errors in your syslog 
coming from lmtpd and imapd.
You need to convert all your seen-databases to skiplist if you want to use 
the default configuration.
New states will not be added because the seen_db-engine can not even read 
your old flat files.

Workaround (ONLY if you see such errors in your log stating that seen_db is 
not readable): put

seenstate_db: flat

in your imapd.conf and do a "rcimap restart", and things should just 
continue as they did.


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